Fitter, not Fatter

Fitter, not Fatter

One of my 2014 New Year resolutions was to make sport exercise part of my daily routine.  Not the struggle it usually is 🙂 I do not intend to sign up for a gym. I think it’s a waste of money. Everything one needs, any variation and advice on how to loose weight, get fit, grow muscle and eat healthy can be found online for free, and practiced at home. And there is absolutely no need in expensive tools, either! My 5 pound weights are from a Goodwill store, for $5 a pair.

I have never been athletic. Moreover, I had never done any sports or workouts in my life. Really. I was an overweight teenager with blood pressure issues and frequent headaches, which made it quite impossible for me to involve into any sport activity.

Sunrise at Sunset Park, Las Vegas, Nevada

I was 30 when I went for my first ever morning jog. At Sunset Park trails in Las Vegas (above). It was not out of necessity. It was out of boredom. You see, my Love is deep into running and exercise. So, when he went running I would just sit and wait for him. Outside, watching the sunrise, but sitting. After a couple of mornings, I decided to start walking. After all, what had I to loose?  I’ll be honest, sure Love kept pushing me to start running. I was sure I would never be able to – I was still terrified of those headaches running used to give me in adolescence. About a week into walking, I started taking a short runs, alternating those with walking. It was hard. The hardest obstacle to keep running was hearing myself breathing. Somehow, it made me feel so exhausted that I could not keep running longer!  It took a couple attempts to see what works for me, but when I figured out that all I needed was music in my ears – I LOVED jogging!!


But don’t get me wrong – it still did not become part of my daily routine. Something always gets in the way of good intentions, right? This time it was winter. Too cold, too dark. Who even exercises in winter?! This past winter was exactly when I grew slightly over my comfort weight. And though I still look OK in pictures, the mirror does not lie and I do not feel as good as I do when I am my normal size. Therefore, I was eagerly waiting for spring and early sunrises! 

25 February 2014 I went for my first 2014 morning jog. And have been doing so almost daily since. It feels fantastic every time! Go, try it out -start walking and see for yourself! 


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