My Wish Map 2014

It struck me today that I have not shared my own Wish Map for 2014 with you guys!

Shame on me! After preaching and lecturing on how important and effective creating a Wish Map is, with all the little details and tips (such as this: your Wish  Map should be seen to as many people as possible to get energized for your success!), I have hidden mine away from your eyes.




By the way, if you want to have your Wish Map, but are overwhelmed with the details or the amount of work it may require, or you don’t feel this is your cup of tea, feel free to contact me – together we’ll have your Wish Map done in no time!


4 thoughts on “My Wish Map 2014

  1. You must have had terrific fun doing that, Jouena ! 🙂
    LOVE that cool dude you’re married to! – ask him can I please have his hat, OK?
    Do you want to be THIN? – why? Does he want you to?
    Your Etsy shop? Tell me about it, please !!!

    1. ))) M.R. you are a BLISS!!! I was hoping you’d like him ; ) the hat – sure! We’ll bring it over to you! Now, i will never be as thin as those chicks, and no, Love does not want me thin, either: ) what i want is to be fit, not wobbly as a jelly fish! And i want exercises to become my daily routine. Remember, i told you i started running in mornings? That’s working my way to the goal. As for Etsy – it is my plan for this year, to launch a successful Etsy shop: ) you ll be the first to know when i have it set up!

      1. Started holding me breath. 😉
        Off to the shower: have to go to see my optometrist. Am going to need new multilenses.


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