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Gardening in Vegas

I have always wanted to grow plants – flowers, preferably, and herbs, too. But so far, I had outstanding success at killing plants that I could put my hands on. Truth be told, they all could not endure my over-care. Thus I killed a cactus, a bamboo, an orchid, about 5 mint plants, couple mini roses, a jade tree and I suspect my dwarf lemon tree is dead by now as well (it has not shown signs of coming back to live this spring yet). And since I live in the desert, one has all the right to assume I should have dropped the idea of having a lush garden. Aha, think again!

This is our back yard. As nice as could be! All the plants were planted before we moved in, so we only enjoy the beauty of it all.


But this year we wanted more. We decided to start small and try growing tomatoes. So, this is what we came up with: our first ever a raised bed!


Why a raised bed? Because it’s desert out there! No soil, only clay, rocks and cacti! Ah, and palm trees, too.


A month of research, 2 gardening classes, $200 and 2 busy weekends later we have our raised bed with 4 different tomato plants, 3 peppers and 2 oregano  – an experienced gardener shared a tip that oregano protects tomatoes from tomato-loving bugs.

I’ll keep you posted on the progress and hopefully a fruitful result (pun intended)!




3 thoughts on “Gardening in Vegas

  1. GO FOR IT ! Tickled pink that you’re mounting a challenge against the desert, you two (well, probably you, now that hubby’s finished building the raised bed). ROTSA RUCK !!!!

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