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Truth Alterations

I spent past 2 weeks reading, watching and listening to news. Ukraine is on my agenda. Much of my effort was – unfortunately – wasted on NOT reading the comments under every piece of news. Although comments are supposed to be exactly what reveals people’s moods, attitudes and the most popular ideas, this powerful tool of expression and even influence is being gravely misused to  a point when all the comments turn into a mess and become unintelligent trash…

Another, or perhaps the greatest issue that is bothering me is the truth. More precisely, the lack if it. How well it is hidden and how it is almost impossible to get to the truth among the noise pollution created by the media.

I understand, there is no one side to a story like “The New Ukrainian Story”.  Too many parties are deeply involved. Stakes are too high. And each party is using the media to promote its vision, the vision that is most favorable, beneficial for this particular side, the vision it struggles to plant into the minds of  its people. Two reasons for such “Truth Alterations”. One –  if need be and if time calls for action, the population, previously thoughtfully brainwashed and presented with a certain view of the case, will support the decisions made by the rulers. Second – to save people the trouble to analyse the situation for themselves and consequently, possibly, ask the questions that could compromise the ruling power.

I have come to think that our age of freedom of information has its drawbacks. An old saying, Too much is not healthy, seems to be perfectly applicable in this case. Even if one follows the current news feed on all possible TV and cable channels, in Facebook, Twitter and so on, having real-time conversations with the participants of the Maidan, with the soldiers who occupied the Crimea, even with Mr. Putin himself, I am afraid even then one would hardly be able to get to the bottom of the situation, to the ultimate truth of who is after what and what is on the agenda of every participating party…

Reason: the transmission of information has turned into the Broken Telephone Game, when the one who listens renders what he/she had heard through a personal prism.

Worst of all: too many media representatives are taking for granted the “benefits” in favor for presenting “this particular vision” of the affairs…

5 thoughts on “Truth Alterations

  1. Your view of today’s media is correct – their proliferation will be their demise. I certainly hope so in terms of much of the social networking agents, anyway. Whilst prepared to accept that they can serve a purpose, so can leeches. For you, of course, this is particularly frustrating and disappointing, when you need SO MUCH to be able to believe what you’re being told. But, Jouena – has that ever been the case…?

      1. Not bad at all! Sounds reasonable, logical and very much resembles the tru state of affairs, though slightly simplified due to lack of page space and time it would require for reading and possibly a bit too optimistic in accounting that the majority want to join Europe than Russia 🙂 but time will show. the author actually covered most aspects involved in the case! Worthy reading. Thnx, M.R. !

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