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Hilarious Pancake Week Soviet Cartoon

This is classic. As you may or may not know, Soviet cartoons were outstanding in many aspects. First of all, quality. The best choice of subjects were hand-drawn. The voices were perfectly matched. Besides, all the best cartoons are hilarious!! But the most valuable – and surprising – thing about these Soviet cartoons that became a classic now is that they are NOT only for kids 😉 I mean it!! Every single grown-up would find them really funny and often “intellectually for grown-ups”.  I have even started thinking to provide a good, quality translations for my favorite ones 🙂

This one is specially for the Pancake Week, which is also known as Butter week. Let me know what you think:






6 thoughts on “Hilarious Pancake Week Soviet Cartoon

    1. This and a couple of other cartoons were created by a Armenia film production “company”. Of course, it was State-owned and the censorship was tough and everything had to be approved by The Party. Every single facility and institution had a department controlling the “appropriate-ness” and imposing communist ideals, so to speak. BUT! there ARE a couple cartoons (and movies) that were mysteriously approved and PRODUCED despite the obvious anti-communist, anti-regime mood. Guess, this one is among the lucky ones! Another reason that this cartoon was allowed for production, is that the Pancake Week was treated as a festive tradition, not a religious holiday.

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