Okean Elsy

Today – couple pieces of something different. Not African. Not tribal. Not sensual.

But nonetheless talented. It’s a pop band. Actually, a very-very pop – for POPULAR – band from Ukraine. Aha, from where the fight rages and bell tolls. They have been around for a while. Can be called veterans, even. Personally I prefer to refer to them as to initiators, in the sense of that they were at the source (THE source?) of Ukrainian pop rock music. Quality pop rock (don’t get me started on the terminology!). Their best feature – besides the obvious talent –  is that they are still very actively producing new songs. Good, high-quality songs! Hard to come by these days.

By the way, for the non-Ukrainian speakers – the lyrics are as good as the music, sometimes even more powerful! And they DO sing in UKRAINIAN! ALL THE WAY, since the beginning. This is remarkable as too muchof Ukrainian pop culture is still in Russian…     

I present to you Океан Ельзи /Okean El’zy/ – which stands for the Ocean of Elza (a female name).

This first song is one of their oldies, but really a favorite:

Okean Elzy – 911

Another one from their beginning, called “A Flower”. The lyrics are quire surrealistic, though, having little to do with flowers 🙂 Naturally, the singer refers to a girl as a flower. But not in a pinkish-girlish -stupidly sweet way, you get me. 

This next one was a massive hit and got all the country hooked.  The song is about coming back home. Very emotional and powerful song, touched even the emotionally-challenged. This is the original as it came out to the public – a commercial of a very tasty chocolate 🙂

“I won’t give up without a fight” – it’s all in the title, right. Here is a version with English subtitles, not perfect, but will give you the idea:

And another massive craze: “I so much want to (come to) you”

And finally, the song that melts all the girls’ hearts. Again, no pinky-sweetness! Pure magic and power of words. He says A  woman like you comes about once in a lifetime. Isn’t that to die for?

Hope you enjoyed as much as I always do! Let me know what you think!


3 thoughts on “Okean Elsy

  1. The last one especially. Sorry to be corny. :-\ But none of ’em is as good as you-know-who (and I hope that doesn’t offend!) Actually, what I mean is that I personally like Gnawa Diffusion a whole big lot …

    1. Oh, i am deeply fond of Gnawa Diffusion myself! These guys from Ukraine are simply very different. But as i said, not less talented. Though their music just could not impress as much, it’s European ; )

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