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How to keep a resolution?

How do those moments of enlightenment work, exactly? I mean, I read about all these people who remember that day when it struck them so hard that it changed their life. They committed and kept to it and now they are the champions of their own lives. Admirable. And inspiring. And motivational. But not enough to push me to MAKE the 3 simple steps that would improve my life – and my self-satisfaction and my self-respect and my self-pleasure – immensely!
All those motivational speeches don’t seem to work their magic on me… Am I too stubborn? Or lazy? Lazy, I guess.
I mean, how do you realize that this is your turning point? That this is it – the moment when you are bound to change?
I heard of this woman who was overweight and took to sports when her little son told her She ‘d have so much more energy to play with him if she had been slimmer. Well, I feel like I had moments like that, too. But it did not go beyond another resolution, another list. Nothing changed. Take my Arabic, for example. A shame… All the realization of the most urgent need in the world does not make me study. So what can be done?
I am afraid the answer is simple. And very difficult to implement. You just have to start. And keep on. There is no magic. No secret. No trick. Just take your lazy butt and put it to work. Why is that so difficult? Where is that instinct that is supposed to push us to evolve? It has grown fat and is being shut up by modern conveniences. Cold comfort for change – we did exchange…
While I know that not everyone are created equal, and that there are Prophets and Stars and Heroes among us, I have realized that it is the perseverance (what an ugly-sounding word) that is setting them apart from us, the crowd. I also think we get to hear their stories because we need evidence that a man can evolve and become a better version of him/her-self. And when one does, pride (the human sin most favored by the Devil, per popular view) and greed are there waiting to do their job on him/her. This is the struggle indeed worth winning. But do we?

3 thoughts on “How to keep a resolution?

  1. Many of us have the desire for change and to do more but those who in most cases actually make the change have hit rock bottom. Rock bottom is not common to the masses and for some who have never been fat, they exercise half of the way and for those who have never been dirt poor, they don’t have to come up with lasting solutions to improve their lives, for those who have never been sick to the point of death, they take risks with their lives… and the list goes on.

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