More Powerful Music from Tinariwen

It’s Thursday. I hope by now you have realized that Thursdays are My Music Days (though I do share My music on other days sometimes).

Sit down, relax and give in to it:

Tinariwen – Tenere Taqhim Tossam ( Jealous Desert )

And the most treat-full treat:

Tinariwen & Carlos Santana : Amassakoul

3 thoughts on “More Powerful Music from Tinariwen

  1. Faaaabulous. The first one would be great to get ripped on (if I can remember back that far …)
    The second is my favourite of the three. Santana is ageless. I LOVED him in the movie of the Woodstock Festival – how goddam long ago was that?! Are the other guys Tuaregs?

      1. That music is certainly entirely different from anything generated by non-Arabic musos … and you may well be right, Jouena – it reaches right into us …

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