Conflicts in 2014 and Feng-Shui

 It turns out that Real Life sometimes actually demands my physical presence. So it did last week. And it demanded me brutally. Tearing me out and away from the blogland.

For those interested, Feng-Shui –wise, the year of the Wood Horse, which is 2014, is bursting with Fire energy, meaning it promises to be full of aggression, aggravation, tension, ugly competition and violence. And even though the year 2014 has not officially started yet – the Chinese New Year falls on January 31st this year – the angry energies surrounding us are quite palpable. Look at what the protests in Ukraine have turned into, as well as the death toll in Syria.

As a Feng-Shui practitioner, I have already taken precautions, placed my cures and protective amulets around my house and garden, as well as did the best I reasonably could to protect my office space. Despite all that, I got involved in a conflict.

The conflict had nothing to do with me or my family directly. And it took place in Odessa, Ukraine, which is 6,346 miles (10,213 km) away from where I am now. Besides, the trigger, the reason for the conflict, happened in November last year! But it still found its way to me.  THAT is how powerful the destructive energies of the year of the Wood Horse can be.

Now, to the conflict. In November 2014 the family who are living in our apartment back in Odessa flooded the neighbor downstairs. By accident.

The thing is that Ukraine is one of several post-soviet countries, where tap water in the cities can be turned off unexpectedly and often without prior notice for a considerable period of time. On one such occasion, before going to bed, a boy goes to check on the water and forgets to turn the tap off. At night the neighbor from downstairs is woken up by a waterfall from her ceiling. Unfortunate accident.

My tenant informed me about the flooding the very next day via e-mail, saying there is no damage to our apartment and hardly any traits visible at all. The neighbor says nothing about the flooding to me whatsoever, though we often keep in touch. I don’t even bother to keep the incident in mind as they are two grown-ups who live in one building. I assume, if they have an issue – they will settle it easily.

Aha, think again. In the middle of January my tenant sends me an update on the flooding issue, informing me that the downstairs neighbor demands a certain significant sum for reimbursement. My tenant does not seem to trust the amount to be fair and asks the neighbor to provide a written estimate for the damage caused. Not the kind of news one anticipates. The neighbor goes ballistic. The tenant asks me to interfere, to write to the neighbor and to try and calm her down. I do. But I make it clear to the tenant that I shall not interfere anymore. I also insist that the tenant pays the neighbor off as soon as possible. Finally, when the tenant has found the money, the neighbor started acting weird. It seemed as if she was avoiding meeting my tenant. And she did not reply to my last apologetic e-mail, either. This push-n-pull was going on for almost a week.

The whole situation has just been resolved, to me relief. But the stress of the past week and a half was driving me nuts, pulling me down and draining me blue.

So, guys, wherever you live – make sure to cover your basis and control you anger this year! Trust me, it will pay tons!

3 thoughts on “Conflicts in 2014 and Feng-Shui

  1. Oh, M.R. we had no choice! I would have NEVER let anyone live in our beautiful apartment if I had a choice. But you see, when you are relocating from Ukraine to the US, every penny counts. At least at the beginning. Now we are seriously considering “lock it and throw away the key”.

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