Along my way

A Dilemma

Recently (last week) a dilemma came up to confront me.

As a blogger, I am facing the choice: should I devote my time to replying/participating in multiple challenges to draw attention to Home That We Built OR to creating authentic, personal, identity-full content in hope that it would spark the Reader’s interest and fill the niche to the Creator’s complete satisfaction.

I have not come up with a definitive answer yet. Right now, I am taking up some Writing and Photo challenges and enjoying the process immensely!

I am also creating my own posts, something that is about me and of myself. And enjoying it no less!

So, for me, as moody as I am, it should be a combination of both, Me-the-Creator and Me-the-Participator. Hope nobody minds?

3 thoughts on “A Dilemma

  1. I find myself at this cross roads to sometimes. But challenges really boosts my creativity and that’s when i tend to write in verses and when I write about myself, its in continuous prose. I am already quite good at continuous prose, so I’m happy for the chance to express myself in poetry and develop that skill. so i think that a balance of both is good.

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