A wonderful non-profit for at-risk women in Morocco

In a country far-far away there lives a girl. She lives in one of the most magical cities in the world – Marrakesh. She is happily married, has three adorable kids and God has given her enough to provide for her family. But there is something very special about this girl.

She has taken an extra step out of the comfort of her own life to help women in Morocco who are less fortunate. I think, the idea came about when our girl came across and paid attention (!) to a poor soul – a woman in dire straights (read this heartbreaking story here). And another one. And another… With time, good intentions and the will to help shaped the idea into the project. The Amal Center for at-risk women came into being.

Amal Center is a picturesque cafe in Marrrakesh that sells Moroccan culinary delights. But more importantly, Amal Center is a training center for at-risk women, training them in cooking Moroccan cuisine and pastries that are sold at the cafe.  Read all about the story and the successful launch of Amal Center on the blog of The Girl Who Has Made The Change:

Support the cause by donating to

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5 thoughts on “A wonderful non-profit for at-risk women in Morocco

  1. Women must support, uplift and empower each other.. You know many years ago we were the strong ones, queens and such. I love this foundation and what they do their fellow women. thank you for sharing it with us!

  2. Thank you Elena for caring enough to read all the posts and re-blog here. We see so much on the internet that sometimes we become immune to people’s stories. Thanks for not being immune! May we all be this way!

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