Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

One of definitions for “family” goes: A group of people who gather on the occasion of change of their quantity”.  Quite witty, I admit.

For me a family does not comprise only of blood relatives. A family is a group of people who are I care for (for whatever reason) and who care for me. Yes, my family includes my friends.

Every family is different – nothing new there. But I also think that despite the differences inside a family, all the members have something in common. And I do not mean only the quarrels over the past!

Look at these trees. To me, a perfect illustration of what a family is. Very different each one of them, but still together, still alike in many ways.

Sofia Park in Uman, Ukraine

8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

    1. Bafriyie, what a lovely surprise and an honor, too! Thank you for the nomination! And a separate thank you for considering my blog “kinda cool” 🙂 I hope the nomination does not have an expiration date, though, as it’s been couple days already. I’ll go and check the details now!

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