Writing Challenge

Daily Prompt: Blogger of Repute

First and foremost: me, a blogger, and me, a real life me, = two different identities. At least I so hope. Not because I am paranoid, have issues socializing or pretending I am something I am not on the web. None of the above. And none of any other things your perverted minds may come up with either! However, the proof of existence of the two identities is my personal journal. Which is different from a blog (this blog included). And is NOT an on-line, easily-shared, access-everywhere piece of software.

I doubt there is an established reputation of me as a blogger just yet. When there is, I hope I’ll hear from you on the subject!

As for me, the real life me, there is a couple adjectives that stuck with me.

First in the list is that I smile and laugh a lot (OK, maybe not precisely an adjective, but a characteristic feature).

The second dates back to high school, when I was pictured as a lady-bug. Bright, round, harmless and always happy. Guess what? I might very well be! Besides the “round’ part, though – not so round anymore!Image

Then there was an unpleasant surprise out of the blue in a form like this: “You think you are so nice? Well, there are people who know what you really are! Mean and sarcastic.” I still wonder where that came from…

I am loyal, and honest, and boring at times. I am not into sports, but I am a walker, and a traveler.

I am also hypocritical, when I get a chance. I mean I smile to people I do not like. And they say I’m good at it.

But at the moment, I am in a transition period. I am trying to fight my nature. Well, not all of it, of course! Just a part of my natural, instinctive reaction. It’s almost like natural selection, you know. In a way that if I loose this fight, I might face unpleasant consequences, like those organisms who could not adapt and died out. As of today the score is 1 : 0, nature leads.

7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Blogger of Repute

  1. I wonder where it came from too. Did you find out? What gave rise to it?
    WHY are you trying to fight your nature? – you know perfectly well you won’t succeed. What IS the fight you don’t want to lose?
    This DP is insufficient! – you are holding back on us. [grin]

    1. All I can promise is that I’ll keep you posted on my attempts! And I am not fighting ALL of my nature – that would be simply stupid, even by my standards :))

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