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Tea in the Sahara

As promised, more of My Music for your pleasure. And to broaden your horizons, too! I strongly believe that the more we know about the World we live in, the more comfortable we feel ourselves. The more we know, the less reasons we have to be afraid of each other.  Ignorance is the source of stereotypes, prejudices, misunderstanding and consequently – aggression.

Make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy! Both songs, different as they are, are about Tea in the Sahara

Listen to this music, give in to the sounds, step away from the limitations imposed by narrow-minded media and you might see that the World is a peaceful and welcoming place.

As a contrast to the above, I want to share a song by a widely known and exceptionally talented singer, Sting. But no matter how popular Sting is, this one is never on the top list among his songs.

However, I am personally very much attached to it.  You might understand me better if you had Tea in the Sahara:

Morocco, 2009, Tea in the Sahara:

CIMG2111 CIMG2110 CIMG2080 CIMG2044

5 thoughts on “Tea in the Sahara

  1. I enjoyed the music behind the tea-making, Jouena – VERY MUCH! Not as much, I must confess, as Gazel au fond de la Nuit, but that’s pretty exceptional.
    But Sting ..? Didn’t do a lot for me. I think I have some kind of inbuilt resistance to singers ‘doing’ other people’s music. Told you I’m intolerant: it’s probably your and my major point of difference.

    1. M.R., glad you liked Tinariwen! Which might suggest you are not quite as intolerant 😉 As for Sting – he did not “do” anybody’s music, really. Its all his and to me, quite unique, too. Just remember Desert Rose of his. I think he has fallen victim of this African sound, just like myself, and he simply could not help it influencing his own music. In any case, you are right – tolerant I am. And it’s a good point of difference, too – provokes constructive dialogue!

  2. Oh, GOODY! I’m not even going to attempt to listen before I finish today’s goddam thesis editing, Jouena – I’d be mad to. Going to have some lunch, then some more editing, and then some wonderful enjoyment. Hooray for you!!!

      1. Still haven’t got there. 😦 Yesterday my only break from the edit was to boast about my latest book review; then I did some more work on the thesis and fell into bed at an amazingly early hour. Have just realised that whereas I thought this thesis would be a doddle, it ain’t. While Ahmad’s English is good, the occasional trip-up changes meanings entirely. Sighh …

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