Writing Challenge

Black Coffee

The smell of fried coffee beans is irresistible. U feel the taste of the strong drink on ur tongue as soon as the odor reaches the nostrils. 

The beans being transferred into a dark substance seems to be a preliminary stage in a most sexual intercourse – u feel urself waxed n ur initial decision to resist melts in the aroma freed from its natural imprisonment. 

The preparation time heats ur expectations and draws all ur senses like a bow, ready to strike at the tiniest sign.

The sugar and spices are the entourage, infinitely versatile, at hand to meet any imp of a perverse mind. 

The touch to ur cup is the first voluptuous kiss, purely sensual and lusty, having nothing to do with The Virgin Love.

The first sip is the act of love – sexual, deep and overwhelming. Twisting u upside down, dragging ur desires out to be voiced n empowered to come true. 

This is how u r addicted from the first sight. 

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