Gazel au Fond de la Nuit by Gnawa Diffusion

Prepare to be seduced. Close your eyes and breathe. The music will do the rest.

Gnawa (or Gnaua, I guess sometimes) is a music style that captured, enslaved and uplifted me in the most powerful way. Gnawa are ancient African religious songs, performed by a large group of musicians, with traditional Moroccan instruments, singing rhythmically repeated lines of poetry at speeding pace. Read more on  Gnawa here and here.

I cannot get enough of it. I feel I have found my inner rhythm.

“Gnawa Diffusion” is a contemporary band from Algeria. Theirs is a magical fusion of traditional gnawa sounds with a slight modern twist.

I promise, you will be hearing a lot of these guys from me!

6 thoughts on “Gazel au Fond de la Nuit by Gnawa Diffusion

  1. Bloody MARVELLOUS, Jouena! It’s mesmerising. But … while my French is fairly appalling, it seems to me that the lyrics are completely modern, n’est-ce pas?
    Just think … if all the Arabic peoples were to fall in love with this music and lifestye … how much better a world we would have.
    Thank you for this: I look forward to whatever comes next.

    1. I am surprised anyone HEARD that is was French at all 🙂 It does sound modern, but you know what – I ‘d better asked Love about it. After all, HE is the Source of all this inspiration and the Music Provider 🙂 besides being the Master Mind, of course 🙂

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