Wish Map 2014

A Wish Map or a Treasure Map as it is sometimes called is a visualization chart with pictures/images of things you want, your dreams, what you aspire to become, traveling destinations you want to visit this year, etc. It is a board with pictures of everything that is dear to you at the present moment. And this a DIY board! A completed Wish Map should be placed in a visible place in your house or office, a place with heavy traffic. For you see, the more people see your board, the more energy – or the power of Chi – your wishes can absorb to get realized!

You can see some of mine to give you an idea of how a Wish Map looks here.

By the way, your Wish Map should be completed by the Chinese New Year  – which is January 31, 2014. The time to hang it on the wall is the New Year’s Eve – January 31.  

In my experience (and I have been making my Wish Maps for over 5 years now), about half of the things I put on my Map usually come true the same year. Of  course, you have to be careful for what you wish for and what pictures you choose for visualization – those can play tricks on you as well.  For example, I had a friend who was looking for love. So, she posted a  lot of pictures of blond guys around her board, images mostly cut from fashion magazines. Now, the largest picture with the most attractive guy also had a name and a number 23 in it. So, guess what? All the new guys my poor friend met that year had the name from the picture and were all 23 years old! Which was actually younger than her target age group. Another warning for girls who want stable relations, but are not ready for kids yet – don’t post pictures with kids on your board. Or one morning you might get surprised by sudden nausea. Trust me, learn form others’ experiences.

Now, the step-by-step guide. What you will need: 1. One poster board. Get a standard poster board. 1 sheet. No special need of foam boards, or thick carton, unless you want to. 1 sheet of thick paper will do. 2. Magazines, photos, printed ads, catalogs, tourist brochures or print outs of the visual representation of what you are dreaming about. 3. Scissors. 4. Paper glue. 5. Pencil. 6. Long ruler. 7. Space for work. A large, uncluttered dining table is perfect for me. 8. Time. A lot of your free time. How to position your board:

at home
Office Map

So, depending on where you want to DISPLAY your Wish Map, before sticking images on it, position the BLANK board accordingly, so that the completed board looks the way it should and not twisted. Now, those who like to get nerdy, the dimensions of your board should be within the Magic Ratio. The Magic Ratio is 1 : 1.618. That is if the shorter side (width) of  your board is 1 foot long, the longer side (length) should be 1.618 feet long. Or simply multiply the width of the board you have by 1.618 and you will see how long your board should be.












The sectors of the Wish Map: 

wISH mAP SECTORSAs you can see, it takes a wee bit more than just sticking the images you like to the board, however your design eye prompts you. The images of your dreams should be glued to corresponding sectors.

Divide your board into 9 equal sectors, just like in the picture above. Here a pencil and a ruler comes in handy 🙂 I usually write a prompt to myself as to which sector is what directly on the board with a pencil. Don’t worry – your scribbles will be covered with glue and pictures very soon!

  1. Wealth sector. The images of wealth go here. For example, dollar signs, euro notes, jewelry, precious stones and anything you personally refer to as wealth. Dreaming of a yacht? Stick it here! Symbols are also welcome.
  2. Fame and Reputation. Symbolic gratitude plaques, awards, certificates of perfection, maybe an image of your personal professional icon (I remember placing a photo of my grandfather here – an outstanding man he was and a real professional icon for me). Anything that symbolizes fame for you goes here.
  3. Partnership, Relations and Romance. This is the sector for “erotic” pictures, sensuality, love and relations. For those who seek a partner – give this sector the best of you! Think and choose carefully which image reflects the meaning you wish to convey perfectly. I often put Family photos and those of my friends here, too.
  4. Family and Plans for the Future. I recommend concentrating on the nearest future, up to 3 years’. What are you wishing for? A house? A baby? Maybe a mind-blowing career and a personal helicopter? Or is it as simple as a happy family? Put your imagination to work and pour the images out in here.
  5. Home and Health. This is the sector I prefer to start with. The first image on my Wish Map is always a photo of us here in the center. Then I proceed to covering the rest of the board. So, I recommend fill this sector with the things dearest to you.
  6. Creativity, Inspiration and Children. To those who want children – this is your lucky space! Cover it up with those cute huggable baby pics you have been falling for from all around the web! You can stick images of books that inspire you. Or paintings. I had images of guitars and writing tools here. Chocolate is one unchanging item on my Wish Map and it is always in this sector!
  7. Knowledge and Education. Here you can put an ad for that on-line course you have been planning to take, or the names of Universities you wish to attend, or Personal Development Class you spotted recently. I put my list of books to read for the year here. You could also think of symbols of wisdom. This is the space for your improvement.
  8. Career. Well, hmmm… Anyone dreams for a better career? Or higher pay? Or maybe changing the career altogether and be successful? This is the sector to help you improve your professional situation. Here you can also place images of all the things money can buy: cars, home appliances, futuristic furniture, new IPhones, stuff like that. Enjoy!
  9. Travelling and Helpful People, Mentors. Travelling is self explanatory: stick the mages of all the places you want to visit this year here. Mentors are tougher to choose. It could be an image of your boss. Or grandmother. Whoever has/had an impact on you. I choose images of celebrities. Not like Miley Cyrus, God forbid! Like Bill Gates for all the charity he is involved in. Angelina Jolie is a good example for me, too. Your choices might be more obvious to you, though 🙂

General Tips: The basic idea is to cover ALL the blank spaces on the board. Like, cover it all up with you the images of your dreams! You can use logos, slogans and quotes in any number, size and color! Personally I LOVE quotes and even make up slogans cutting out words myself! You can coat the Wish Map with sparkles (spray or glue), you can pin little fairies, flowers or whatever you see fir, you can even frame the completed Map and hang it on the wall as your masterpiece! The most important trick – it WILL come out BEAUTIFUL!!! There are NO ugly Wish Maps. No matter how worried you are about this, your Map will look BEAUTIFUL! Now – go for it! And may all your dreams come true this year! 

P.S. Don’t forget that your Wish Map should be completed by the Chinese New Year  – which is January 31, 2014. The time to hang it on the wall is the New Year’s Eve – January 31.

30 thoughts on “Wish Map 2014

  1. Well, this is super awesome!! I like the organization and the categories. It’s really a wonderful way to plan out your goals and dreams for the upcoming year. I always make a list of goals to complete on New Year’s Eve, but this is way more fun! 🙂 Thank you for sharing it!

    1. You are most welcome! Isn’t it great to find the same ideas throughout different cultures?! “The Secret” and Feng-Shui are worlds and centuries apart, but manifest the same basics. Hope to see your 2015 Wish Map by the next Chinese New Year!

      1. no, I actually meant your Wish Map for 2015. you sounded excited about the idea and said you liked getting crafty. I thought you should have quite a full plate of wishes and plans for 2015 😉 But I’ll think about your blogoversary and let you know if I come up with smth worthy!

      2. Oh, goodness! Thank you for clearing that up! I do have a full list of goals and plans for the year, but have been too busy to actually get crafty with them. Hopefully, I’ll get to that soon! 🙂

  2. I’m so sorry that I didn’t see this post before now, I think i wasn’t a follower when this was posted 😦 I would have loved to create a wish map, I desperately need one now but i guess i’ll have to wait till next year.

    1. No you don’t ! All you need is your intention and determination- it’s the most powerful force to make your wishes come true !! Go ahead – make your Wish Map and hand it so that everyone can see!

  3. Hi, I loved your blog…question…it’s march 5th…so I have to wait until next year to make my wish map?? =(… What’s the problem if I make it tonight? I kinda have one already but it old and the pictures are a bit messed up… I wanted to update it… Is the date really that important?

    1. Hi Andy, the date is not AS important as the intention, so go ahead and put it up now! The most important in a Wish Map are the images you have on the map – they MUST represent your CURRENT wishes, plans and desires. I would strongly recommend you to update the Map you have, that way you will empower a New map with your New energy, like a new beginning 🙂 let me know how that works out for you! Enjoy making your New Wish Map!

    1. Farida, but you are not late! You still have 2 weeks to go! January 31 is the Chinese New Year ; ) I am only going to start this weekend – time’s tight, but i will try to make it on time!

      1. Wonderful! Can’t help with the lack of time, but I got a perfect thing for you in terms of resources – Pinterest! I’m putting a blog post on this – should come out next week 🙂

  4. Totally delightful, Jouena! – what a beautiful thing for people to look at. How about you post a photo of your own? – doesn’t have to be close enough for us to read, if you’d rather not …

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