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Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

I have always been drawn to windows, there is this almost supernatural attachment of sorts.

I was blessed to have lived in an old city, in century-old houses with walls as thick as 3-4 feet and the most perfect window sills, “reading nooks” as they are referred to in the U.S.

Also, living in a city with multy-apartment houses, I especially loved looking at windows during Christmas time – to catch a glimpse of a Christmas tree inside 🙂

But there is one window that became my favorite not so long ago. To me, it does much more than open a whole new world every time. To me, this window literally shows the new horizons, but i- what is more important – it represents the chances I have taken and the blessing I am thankful for.  It  stands for the warmth of my home. But above all to me it is a symbol of the ever-existing care and protection over myself by my husband.


8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

  1. When we see pictures of the road through the windscreen like these… we automatically think of Willie Nelson’s song… “On the road again…” It makes us think of road trips and how much we love them! Great photos 🙂

  2. Oh,Jouena! – a woman after my own heart. I used to think just like this: I was always so safe and happy when Chic was driving us somewhere … anywhere … And when we travelled in Europe, in left-hand drive, he was still totally capable and confident. I LOVE this entry in the Challenge.

    1. Dear M.R, I so wish more women could experience and – more importantly – realize and appreciate such blessing! I think Women are loosing the simple natural skills of being a Woman. And therefore, become emotionally charged, if I can put it this way… and thank you for sharing your warm memories.

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