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Resolutions 2014? Sure, why not!

For the last couple weeks the blogland has been overflowing with New Year Resolutions. At first, I did not want to post anything  like that. First of all, I feel that most of my resolutions – those that are really important – are too personal to share. And the rest are not even worth sharing, trivial as they are.

But then I thought that sharing one’s resolutions is a way to help hold oneself accountable. Maybe even motivate to some extend.

I started this blog – besides some other reasons – as an exercise in writing. I was disappointed with myself for not writing anything in a long time. I do not claim to be a Writer, not with a capital “W” anyway, but I know I can write and I enjoy it, and some people were nice enough to like my short stories.  So, I took the opportunity to practice. Or ever better – to learn my way back to writing productively. Writing fiction, to be precise.

And so my resolutions concern two areas of my life: a) this blog and writing and b) my real life.

So, here am I and my resolutions for 2014:

The Blog:

1) Post pictures of better quality. Source: perhaps, buying a new good camera and taking a couple of lessons on photography?

2) Write for the Weekly Writing Challenge by the Daily Post.

The Life:

1) Study the Arabic language productively, to be able to hold a simple conversation by the end of the year.

2) Exercise.  Meaning, I want exercising to become part of my natural daily routine, and not a struggle between my laziness and my “feeling wonderful”.

3) Become a better cook.

Meanwhile, I am endlessly thankful for every single thing 2013 gave me!  And am hopefully and excitedly looking forward to what 2014 has in store!

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