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Unexpected Inspiration

Inspiration is a dearly welcomed but a very unexpected guest. Tonight, my inspiration was triggered by this lovely post, but is originally from Morocco.

Here is my own fashion show of traditional Moroccan dresses, undoubtedly deserving a special word of awe!

These are my Moroccan shoes. Not in favor of modern teenagers, though 🙂


This is a kaftan. A long adorned dress with a very wide belt worn for special occasions. By the way, as I understand, traditionally the belt is made of either gold or silver.




Here is a traditional kaftan i had the pleasure to wear for a wedding we were invited to. An intricately stitched and skillfully decorated long-sleeved dress is worn over a plain undergarment. The belt actually IS made of gold, pearls and a gem in the front buckle. Wearing all this beauty turned out to be quite an experience!



And these are every day dresses called a jellaba. A simple long wide dress, with a hood and a hidden pocket. They come in as many colors and fabrics as you can only imagine! And despite being seemingly wide and free, they can be surprisingly seductive, too.


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