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Mission “Master Closet” Complete!

As I mentioned before, Master Closet was our first home-improvement project. We decided to do it mainly because the closet, though quite spacious,  did not serve Love as comfortably as it should.  First of all, the closet lacked shelves. Most of our clothes had to be hanged, but even that was not as convenient as it may sound. You can read more about the choices we were looking at here.

Now, these are our “Before” pictures:



And these are the “After” photos:


20131130_200402 20131130_200423

Does not that make so much more sense!?!? The whole thing came out exactly how I had imagined! I LOVE the space now! And even Love seems to be enjoying it. He even brought a cute black puff for decor and comfort!


I’ll post the step-by-step tutorial a bit later –  Christmas preparations, however small, are tremendously time consuming!

6 thoughts on “Mission “Master Closet” Complete!

  1. What a great master closet! I really like the way you did the shelving. We are moving into a new house and this would be an excellent way to make the most of our closet space.

    1. Anne, thanx for stopping by! Glad you like the closet! Congratulations on moving to a new house ! Nothing can be better than starting a new year with a new house ! Do check back on the tutorial next week so that you can have all the shelving you need in your new home! Happy New Year!!

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