Luck and Remedies in the Year of the Wood Horse 2014

Being in an up-lifted Friday mood, I want to share a piece of advice on Feng-Shui to attract good luck, protect from evil energies or simply for the sake of changing some of your decor items in 2014!

The Rat 

The Rat enjoys the Star of Future Prosperity in 2014 making it a wonderful year to start new ventures, form strategic alliances and diversify business sources. You are however in direct conflict with the Tai Sui, so you need to take greater precaution. Carry the Tai Sui Amulet and display theTai Sui Plaque in the South of home. To protect against the Natural Disaster Star, display theWhite Umbrella Goddess Figurine or the White Umbrella Goddess Plaque in your living room. To remedy the 3 Killings, place the Three Deities Sitting On Tigers in the North. To protect your health, display the Long Life Wu Luo with Longevity God in the East and carry the Health Amulet at all times. To improve money and income luck, display the Bejeweled Wish Fulfilling Tree in your dining room and the Wish Fulfilling Cow on your work desk. The 4/9 Ho Tu Mirror in the North of your office or living room will serve to enhance business success and income luck.

The Ox 

The Ox is superlatively lucky, with a chart that suggests success as well as great vitality. Carry theAnnual Amulet for 2014 to unlock all the abundance that the year has to offer. You are however affected by the Yearly Killings, Yin House and Yearly Conflict Star. These collectively affect your health, wealth and income luck. You thus need to carry the Life Force Enhancing Medallion or alternatively wear the Om Pendant to keep your energy strong. To control the Yearly Killings, display the Heart Sutra Plaque. To safeguard wealth luck, place the Mongoose Spouting Jewels in the living area of your home. As for the Three Killings, place Three Deities Sitting On Tigers in the North. Enhance the auspicious 2/7 Ho Tu in your chart with the 2/7 Ho Tu Mirror in the Northeast, and directly above it hang the Dragon Windchime to further amplify the power of the Ho Tu. To overcome the #7 Robbery star, carry the Anti Burglary Amulet or wear the Anti-Burglary Scarf. The Anti-Burglary Plaque placed in the Northeast will also help to protect your home against break-ins.

The Tiger 

The Tiger enjoys Big Money luck this year! You are however also afflicted by the double Yearly Conflict, Yin House and the #7 Robbery star. Health and relationship luck can get afflicted, but wealth and career luck is good. Carry the Health Amulet and display the White Tara Longevity Vase in the Northeast of your home to safeguard your health. The Double Triangle Mirror protects against unnecessary conflict, gossip and slander. Female Tigers should wear the Horse Scarf as the Horse is your ally and also the ruling animal of the year. Display the 2/7 Ho Tu Mirror in the Northeast to amplify the good fortune from this Ho Tu and directly above it, hang the Dragon Windchime to counter the Yin House star. To nullify the effects of the #7 Robbery star, carry theAnti-Burglary Amulet Keychain or wear the Anti-Burglary Scarf. Display the Anti Burglary Plaque in the Northeast of your home. Display the Bejeweled Kubera in your living room to enjoy the harvests that the Horse Year has to offer. To enhance career luck, place a Bejewelled Wish Fulfilling Tree on your work desk.


The Rabbit 

The Rabbit has a balance of good and bad stars. You enjoy the General Star, as well as one Big Auspicious Star. Ensure you can tap this auspicious luck by displaying the Big Auspicious Mirror in the East of your home. As you are affected by the annual illness star, you should display the Long Life Wu Luo with Longevity God in the East, and carry the Health Amulet to protect against falling sick. The General Star brings you excellent mentor and career luck. To activate, display a figurine of the General Hua Mulan in the living room or in your office. Place a Golden Ruyi on your work table to enhance career and business luck, and write down your wishes and life goals on a piece of red paper and keep it in a Bejeweled Treasure Box placed in the East to help actualize your wishes and your dreams. Organize your money with the Mystic Knot Money Clip to keep your wealth safe and to help your income grow this year.

The Dragon 

The Dragon enjoys great success luck in 2014. But you can also be very irritable due to the double effects of the Yi Duo combined with the Quarrelsome Star. Because the Yin House Star is located in the Southeast, your health and inner strength will also be affected. Carry the Peach & Harmony Amulet and the “Protect against Angry People” Medallion. Display a Red Lava Lamp in the Southeast and the Double Triangle Mirror on your workdesk. To soften the effects of the Yi Duo, place the Jade Emperor with Windchime in your living room. You should also take steps to protect your health and enhance your inner strength with the Increasing Life Force Medallion. Wear the Kubera Watch to enhance success at work and have a Rooster figurine on your work desk to attract help from your secret friend! If you run your own business, display theAvalokitesvara Plaque in your office as this will enhance business relationships, authority and power. For those in competitive industries where stress levels are high, display General Kuan Kung reading a book in your office.

The Snake 

The Snake is short tempered due to the Quarrelsome Star. Your energy is also low and this means possible health, relationship and emotional problems. To remedy the effects of irritability, carry thePeace & Harmony Keychain and display the 3 Sun 3-Legged Bird Mirror in the Southeast of your living room. To strengthen your intrinsic energy, carry the Life Force Enhancing Amulet at all times. You do however enjoy the auspicious effects of the Heaven Seal, bringing you new opportunities and great success luck! To enhance, carry the Heaven Star Keychain and wear theKubera Watch. Display the Gesar of Ling Plaque in the living room. To further enhance success on the work front, display the 3/8 Ho Tu Mirror together with a Victory or Wind Horse on your work desk. Counter the Three Killings with Three Deities Sitting On Tigers in the North of your home. It is also good for the Snake to engage in charitable pursuits this year.

The Horse 

The Horse can look forward to an exciting year as the luckiest star in the zodiac resides in your location. While good luck may be in store, you need to cultivate a humble attitude together with a strong spirit of giving in order to not anger the Tai Sui. Carry the Tai Sui Amulet and display the Tai Sui Plaque in the South of your living room. To further enhance your lucky stars, display theVairocana Stupa in the South. You can also display the 8 Immortals Mountain. You are affected by the Three Killings this year, which brings some hindrances to success. To counter, display Three Deities Sitting On Tigers in your living room. For promotion luck, invite General Chao Chao into your home and display him in your living room. To keep your energy strong, you should have a Tang Horse or 3 Colourful Ponies in the foyer of your home. You can also display the 3 Sheep on the Mountain Plaque. A set of your Allies and Secret Friend on your workdesk will ensure you maintain the support of your co-workers. The Home Protection Plaque is also important; display near your front door.

The Sheep 

The Sheep has a number of good stars which bring you luck in career and in family life. Overall luck however is marred by conflict stars spilling over. Fortunately, the Golden Deity Star helps to reduce the effects of these negative influences. To reinforce career luck, take advantage of the annual #1 star and place General Hua Mulan in the living room or near to your workdesk. Ladies should wear the Opportunity Scarf as this will bring you meaningful new openings in your life. Enhance career and promotion luck with the Wealth & Power Medallion. To activate the Golden Deity Star, display an image of Kubera, the Lord of Horses in your home. As the Yearly Conflict Star flies to your sector, you should carry the Peace & Harmony Keychain at all times. To help overcome obstacles, display Three Deities Sitting On Tigers in the North. Protect against money loss with the Rhino & Elephant Yin Water Cure in the Northeast. Young Sheep should carry or display the1/6 Ho Tu Mirror in the West to enhance education and study luck.

The Monkey 

The Monkey faces an increased amount of conflict energy, as you are surrounded by two Yearly Conflict stars. As such, it is important to use cures to enhance popularity and relationship harmony. Display the 3-Legged Bird with 3 Suns in the Southwest and the 3 Harmony Animals in the bedroom, living room and on your work desk to guard against serious arguments that can cause you real problems. If you find yourself embroiled in a court case or big conflict, carry the “Protection against Angry People” Medallion. As the conflict energy of the year induces stress, do take additional steps to protect your health. Do so by placing the Arensui Wu Luo on your bedside table, living room and also next to the entrance of your home. Fortunately, career luck is strong with both the #1 star and Golden Deity Star. Invite Golden Chundi into your home to activate the Golden Deity Star, and protect your career with a Bejeweled Elephant. Enhance income and money luck with a Tortoise Water feature in the Southwest. Protect your marriage by carrying the Flower of Romance Keychain.

The Rooster 

The Rooster benefits from the Heaven Star this year, but you are in side conflict with the Tai Sui. Together with the Yearly Conflict stars and Reducing Energy Star, this weakens your personal energies. All Roosters should thus carry the Life Force Medallion and display a Rooster figurinein the West of your living room. Appease the Tai Sui by carrying the Tai Sui Amulet, and display theTai Sui Plaque or a pair of Pi Yao in the South. To control the yearly conflict stars, place aBejeweled Kalachakra Stupa in the NW of your home. Activate promotion luck at work by displaying the Bejeweled Blue Dragon on your workdesk. Display the Gesar of Ling Plaque in the living room to help overcome obstacles. Having the 8 Sugata Medicine Buddha Plaque in both your living and bedroom will help you maintain good health. As there is a need for enhanced victory luck, wear a Wind Horse Pendant. Hang the Amithaba Windchime near the entrance to your home. Young Roosters can enhance study luck by displaying the 1/6 Ho Tu Mirror in the West.

The Dog 

The Dog bears the full force of the 5 Yellow in 2014, and combined with the Yearly Conflict star, this brings a challenging year that affects wealth, health and relationship luck. As such, there is a need for the Dog to place the Bejeweled Kalachakra Stupa in the Northwest of the home to control the annual 5 Yellow. You should also carry the 5 Yellow Keychain at all times. Health luck is not great but placing a Vairocana Stupa in the bedroom will help. You can also display the Victory Banneror carry the “Producing Victory” Medallion to enhance success. Invite the Precious Minister into your home for mentor luck. Protect your home with the Heart Sutra Plaque and the Gesar of Ling Plaque facing the main entrance to help overcome obstacles. This is a good year to invite Kuberainto the home as he is the King of Horses and his presence will bring you great good fortune. Older Dogs should carry the Protection Mandala Mirror to guard against bad things happening. Another good practice is to place the Hayagriva Prayer Wheel on your home altar and twirl it 21 times each day.

The Boar 

The Boar encounters the Robbery Star, sitting 3 Killings as well as the 5 Yellow this year. All three unfortunate stars bring financial loss and mishaps with unexpected expenditure. Therefore your money, career and income luck is afflicted. What is fortunate is that you have the Heaven Seal directly opposite and this brings assistance from heaven. To counter the Robbery Star, display theAnti-Burglary Plaque facing your front door and hang the Anti-Burglary Keychain off your bag to ward off snatch thieves. For protection against the Five Yellow, display the 5-Element Pagoda Filled With Dried Soil from your home in the Northwest. You should also display Three Deities Sitting On Tigers in the North to control the Three Killings. For Nobleman Luck, display the Jade Emperor in your living room and place him on a high pedestal or at least at table height. For greater success luck, display the Gesar Of Ling Plaque near your main entrance and wear the Wind Horse Watch. To avoid meeting up with people with bad intentions, you should carry theKalachakra Mandala Mirror.

This article is taken from the World of Feng-Shui website. All of the amulets mentioned in the article can be purchased through WOFS network of stores and online. I do not own anything. And I express my gratitude to the creators of WOFS.com.

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