Cup Hanger DIY

So, I am a cup hanger junky. Meaning, I love hooks to hold my cups. Like this morning rainbow:


Found on
Found on 

Or this adorable vintage-feel collection:

Found on
Found on


 And who would refuse a cup of coffee brewed in this corner?!

Found on
Found on


 This is especially for the antique-lovers out there – I could not resist it’s charm myself:

Found on
Found on

 But this one stole my heart: 

Found on
Found on


 Since we moved in, I have been nagging Love about making me a cup hanger. It’s not that I have many cups (we have 4), but the fact of having a cup hanger! As long as I remember myself, there have always been cup hangers stuck underneath the dish-drawer above the sink in my grandmother’s and mother’s houses. Mind, those were Soviet and post-Soviet times in Ukraine – cup hangers were not industrially produced, you could not simply go to a Home Depot and get one. My grandmother being the decor-driver in the house drove my grandpa into DIY’ing the cup hanger for her. My mom loved the idea and had one made for herself as well!

Apparently, it was my turn.

Now I show-off my own DIY cup hanger made with loving hands of my Hero! (Forgive the quality, I wish I could give credit to my hangers through these pictures!)


 It all started with a couple of wooden cleats, painted white and cut to the length of the drawer. 20130817_223832Then, as you see above, we marked the places for the cup hooks. We divided the cleat into equal sections and marked the center of each, making sure that the length of a section exceeds the height of the cup a cup, so that when hanging, the cup would fit easily.

Screwing the plank to the bottom of the drawer was the easiest part!

20130817_224142After the cleat was screwed/drilled = securely attached to the drawer, we drilled the wholes for the cup hooks (in the pre-measured dots) and screwed in the hooks.

20130817_224122Because our drawer is so deep, there was enough room for two cleats! So now I have it –  and could not enjoy it more!


How do you store your cups?

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