Along my way


It was freezing last night. And not because the temperature fell below 32 F, which it almost did, but because of the wind. Stepping outside, you feel being pierced by thousands of tiny needles, so sharp they easily get you through the bones. Despite annoying reminders from The Calendar, winter cold always catches me off guard, and I was unprepared for the encounter yesterday.

One thing I’ve noticed about people in Vegas: when it comes to weather issues, we are a bit hypocritical in our complains. I mean, yes, it’s hot in the summer here. But seriously. How much time do you spend outside? Honestly? The 1,5-minute walk from your air-conditioned car to an air-conditioned store? Or even a shorter car-to-office-and-back walk? The heat – no matter how severe – has no chance of getting you!  Unless of course you, like me, had to spend the summer taking buses to get places. Then the heat is real. Dangerous and unavoidable.  Otherwise, neither the heat nor the cold really bother! I wish I could say the same about the wind, though… My point is that severe desert weather conditions do not deserve to be such a hot topic.

But today I got up to a quite unexpected view(as I said, I am never prepared for the cold): the pool was covered in a thin film of ice !




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