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Red Tea Kettle – Acquired!

Christmas presents. This phrase is driving most of us nuts this time of year. No matter how much you enjoy making lists (read: To-Do and groceries lists) and checking them twice, the joy is slightly dimmed by budget concerns and time required to accomplish the task (read: time wasted in lines and fruitless search of the right bargain).

As for myself, I would choose a household item over clothes, jewelry or make-up any time!  Especially now, when I have a whole house of potential to fill with new stuff!

One of my long longed for items is a red kettle. We are a family of tea-drinkers. And though I have a couple of traditional Moroccan tea kettles of various sizes, for different occasions, I have not had a usual kettle for over 2 years! Naturally, I missed its presence.

20131212_201456 This is our tiniest, one-person tea kettle surrounded by Turkish traditional tea cups, sitting a Moroccan silver tray. Despite what it may look like, the little one holds 3-4 cups of tea.

20130210_191035This one above is our hard-worker, every day favorite, with Moroccan traditional tea-cups and chicken bastilla (a chicken puff pastry cake with almonds, cinnamon and powdered sugar) for the company. Again, size if deceptive – this guy holds about 8 servings of delicious mint tea!

20131212_201546This one is the beauty of the family – a large one (8 servings) we enjoy when in a festive mood. In the picture above it is in the  company of our two tajines – traditional Moroccan cookware, makes most healthy and delicious meat and veggie dishes!! 


Being a strong believer in Christmas miracles, a small red whistling kettle is what I got this weekend:$_57

20131208_203622And here it is, whistling on my cook-top

I LOVE hearing it whistle in the morning – makes the Sun rise for me!

And this is just a beautiful navy-blue plate I could not walk past – I plan to showcase it filled with oranges, bananas and cinnamon sticks! Or maybe pine cones and ball ornaments?


With these treats, my personal Christmas wish-list is ALMOST checked off 🙂

What are your “most-wanted” this Christmas? Please share your own personal favorites!

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