Ancient Wisdom for a Modern Woman · Feng-Shui

Feng-Shui, anyone?


Who wants MORE happiness? Come and get it! This is the Double Happiness symbol, one of the most popular Feng-Shui cures, really. My favorite, for sure! I mean, think of all the 3-legged toads attracting richness and other weird creatures of inexplicable nature attracting all kinds of blessings – lovely red letters are the sweetest! And most adoptive, too! Look, you can draw it in gold on a piece of red paper and carry around in your purse. Or buy a ready-made, printed on a nice velvety fabric. You can also get a figurine in the shape of the Double Happiness sign and display it on your mantel, among other Christmas favorites! large_3511_12020803


Oh, and don’t forget that South-West part of your home (or your room – it can even be the SW corner of your desk!) refers to love and relations. So, you might be pleasantly surprised at how much adding just a bit of red here be rewarding!

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