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When the Sleeping Beauty Awakes


Wanna know what really happens after the True Love’s First Kiss awakes the Sleeping Beauty from her sleep? I give you the illustrated story of how exactly this “Lived Happily Ever After” shapes up.

In the beginning, there was this: yellow kitchen, a wide corridor for a dining room and white-walled curtain-less living room/bedroom.

This is what happened next. In a blink of an eye (literally, in 2 months) the apartment was transformed into a cozy and inviting home.



This – the so-called dining room  – was transformed into this –  a walk-through bathroom, I guess is the most precise description – 


Finally shaping into my favorite nook – wrapped in textured beige and wood. 




If you wander what is there, behind the fridge, I’ll be only too happy to tell you – a door to the Underworld! Our Own Underworld – now, isn’t this is coziest basement you have seen?!


The yellow kitchen looked like this for about 5 years – doing well as a kitchen and outperforming itself in undermining my mental health (yellow house, anyone?)


The Yellow Rule was crashed when I felt an irresistible attachment to a textured wall paper with red coffee mugs, while my Love spotted a Elena Beige 4″ x 4″ tiles! (I mean, how can one resist having kitchen tiles in their own name in combination with the Perfect Color?!)

CIMG0781The earthenware cups are my very special personal favorites – one of them (the front left to us in the picture) – even traveled with me across the Ocean and still bears the warmth of Where We Began.


As for the bland room, my Oriental soul revealed itself in this wall-paper and curtains, creating a caravan tea-salon feel.

Wedin roses fm Dad


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