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Struggle for the Closet

As we moved into a new house a couple months ago, I immediately – and quite naturally – started planning and designing (in my mind) a  reno. Well, a minor reno, really. A refreshment rather. Mostly meaning that I was going to paint every room (in a different color – and don’t you go rolling your eyes! – deep inside don’t we all want it!) and add curtains.

The trick here is that the house does not NEED any reno whatsoever. It is perfectly lovely AS-IS. And this complicates everything… I mean, why would you bother re-painting the house, spending a ton of money (which is tight, of course) and many weekends when the house is as lovely as ours?! Well, the answer is not always obvious. I just know I want to!

So, after getting on my Love’s nerves for significantly long (wanna place a bet on HOW LONG it actually took 😉 ), he gave in. He gave up our master closet and our laundry to my home-improvement experiments! I was as happy as could be! And immediately stenciled the closet with Damask stencils in Martha Stewart dark silver Precious Metals paint. I loved how it turned out!



Now we are struggling with a more valuable matter – the closet system itself.

Because this is our first ever attempt at any DIY home-improvement project, we want to do it ALL with our own hands – Love’s hands, to be precise. The closet should not only be practical, but it should look perfect – no other combination accepted. Oh, and a third point to consider here is the budget. A limited budget. So, our search began!

It turned out there are dozens of choices for closet systems! Adjustable, ready-made, modular, you-name-it! Many of them would make a good match to our stenciled interior. However, most of them are out of our range.

There are some pretty nice apps to help you design your own closet, provided that you know your closet’s dimensions  –  check out here and here.

So, the struggle to choose The Perfect Closet continues 🙂

These are the shelves we favored among a ton of others (found at Lowes):


And this is my personal favorite – though I don’t like the multi-leveled hanging rods, I LOVE the corner shelves !! – sold by Home Depot:


I would love to hear your stories of master closet improvements!  Share them in the comments – I would much appreciate sharing the experience!

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