Assilah – My kind of Heaven

Where do you dream to retire? Where is that place where you want to spend the slow, comfy, cozy and lazy days of your well-deserved and idle retirement?  By the ocean? In the mountains? Maybe deep in the woods? How about Alpine fields around purple Milka cows?

I want to retire in Assilah.

CIMG2429   Welcome to my kind of heaven! It is a small quiet and cozy town by the Atlantic Ocean in the North West of Morocco.  And an ancient one, too! Back in 1500 B.C. it was a busy trade spot for the Phoenicians. It was once occupied by the Portuguese, then by the Spaniards. In the 19th and 20th centuries Assilah was a well-known pirate base as well (The History of Piracy coming soon!).

Unfortunately, I did not spot any pirates during my visit in 2009. But the spirit is definitely there!

… a truly Mediterranean city with an ancient fortress dominating the sea-side and the narrowest cobble-stone streets, lined with shops of local craftsmen bountiful of hand-made treasures, with open-door art galleries  inviting to take a peak, with tiny obscure looking cafes that reward you with the tastiest delights should you be brave enough to step in, and the town breathes with the waves, the Ocean is its melody, its intrinsic soul…












CIMG2523And there are doors – unimaginable variety of door  forms and colors, and the houses are rainbow bright and you just feel yourself in those fairy-tales of Arabian Nights and cannot keep a smile






CIMG2565This last one is a school door – being a teacher, I could not help taking this picture!

And there is more! Assilah is the home of annual art festival. And many-many artists have chosen Assilah as their home 🙂 Every summer the white washed city walls turn into an endless canvass for  artists – for anyone who wishes to show himself – and they paint on the walls.




CIMG2566Many of their works remain on the walls throughout the year – and maybe even longer!

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