Along my way

Where WE began

This is the apartment – can be called a house in all honesty, and you are about to see why – where I spent 7 years of my adult and independent life and  – most importantly – this is where I lived when I met my Love.

I instantly felt this was MY place the first time I set foot in the doorway. A 200-year-old building, ground floor, 4-foot-thick walls, low windowsills perfect for a nook (see pic below), and my own completely detached GARDEN, hidden from the rest of the world by great walls of the adjoining buildings!   It was a 2 bedroom apartment with a basement and a GARDEN! In the midst of a city!! What could a 20-year-old girl dream more about?!

Our back door is on the left in the first picture  and it was the ONLY entrance to this Magic Garden in the midst of a busy city.



my tree before

                                          There, behind the tree, is our balcony.                                                                                                                                                    Hopefully, this photo will give you a good idea of the size of my backyard 🙂                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            The balcony corner is sticking out on the right.

To top my excitement,  the kitchen and the dining area were painted bright yellow, while one of the bedrooms was sky blue, with a fireplace, museum-looking vaulted ceiling and NO windows! It was The Perfect Dream Bedroom imaginable!  


And this is the promised windowsill: Image001


Everything remained in pretty much the same state for about 5 years. Gradually, I grew sick of the yellow walls, I sold the dark, moist, blue bedroom to a business in the adjoining building and the basement was only a scary  underground storage.

All that until the True Love’s First Kiss woke the Sleeping Beauty from her slumber.



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