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My home – demolished…

Remember that old touching movie “The Story of Us” with Michelle Preiffer and Bruce Willis? One of the most heart-breaking moments is a flash back, when He is calling Her, while standing in front of their first house watching it being demolished. But She is completely unable to realize the importance of the moment because of the havoc she is going through at home (washing machine is spitting foam, the children are fighting and she cannot hear a word her husband is saying).  A good illustration on how the moments of our lives that are most worth cherishing sometimes go irreversibly wrong…

Though understanding Her part perfectly well, I have always felt for Him more in this situation. I just know I’d feel the same as He did if – God save – I ever get to see something I cherish being destroyed.

I get attached to people and place with ease and joy. And as I set up on the  journey into my memories of places I had live at, I felt warm, a little homesick, and I smiled. I was a little curious, too – what has become to all those dear places – parks, benches, windows, gates, swimming pools, beaches and buildings? I also felt a bit sad realizing that I cannot just go to that drawer, pull out boxes full of photo albums and plunge into “Ah, look at this one! Remember, when…?”. That drawer is too far away, almost out of my reach… Thank god for Google 😉

When I was 6, I was taken to a Wonderland. My Wonderland is Singapore. I spent 4 years of my childhood in Singapore, with my grandparents. It is there I learnt how to swim, and there I started learning English. Thank god for grandparents! (More on my Wonderland coming soon)

We lived in a 2-story apartment, a condo, as they call it here in the States, on the 10th floor of one of the most fashionable buildings of that time. Beverly Mai in Tomlinson Road. Unfortunately, I cannot upload any of my own photos of that luxurious 2-story apartment now, but I am going to show you some from the web. This is the building:


As I said, every apartment  was a 2-story, 3 bedrooms all on the second floor, kitchen with a back door, open floor plan on the first floor with a spacious hall – the living room – with 2-story high ceilings. The stairs to the second floor was not just any stars. It was a wide, winding marvel of metal, glass and velvet carpet, the like you find in high-class hotels.

And this is what remained of the truly grand hall – or the living room. If you look to the left, you will see the winding staircase to the second floor reflected in the glass.


And this is the common area, the stairs inside the building.


I have just discovered that Beverly Mai – my Wonderland home – has been demolished…

Read more here:

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