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Long-thought Beginning

I cannot believe it took me 3 days to write my first post! I am finally ready to start. And be a productive blogger. And there is no stopping me from now on!

During my life (which is not too very long yet), I was lucky to have lived in more than a couple apartments. So, I thought a good idea to start would be to share some pictures of those apartments. To create the visual staircase of interiors, that have resulted in what I have grown into design-wise.    

It’s funny that I mentioned a staircase. The thing is that I was born and grew up in a city the most prominent landmark of which is a staircase.  But not just any staircase.  A 200 steps down the most impressive staircase you have – or will-  ever see.



When the Potiomkin Stairs was built (ca 1800), its last steps were washed by the Black Sea. And there was a public beach, where ladies would enjoy themselves on one side of the stairs while the gentlemen were on the other.

And this the house and the street that witnessed my birth and the first 20 years of my life:


Kanatnaya st.

And here are a couple more glimpses of my beloved Odessa by the Black Sea:

This is the famous House with One Wall. It’s an illusion, of course, but it does set your mind working the first time you see it 🙂


This is another building that everyone knows – the two Herculeses are holding the World on their shoulders.


This one is among my personal favorites, and not because of the colors and the intricate detailing, but because I used to live around it’s corner.  


And of course, there is no avoiding the Pearl of Odessa, it’s Opera and Ballet Theater. On every occasion we would mention that OUR Opera Theater is in the top-5 list of the most architecturally beautiful theaters in the World!


So, here I am and my journey has began!

I’ll be happy if you stayed with me, tell me what you think and let’s discover the World of landmarks and inspiration!


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